Rouge Bunny Rouge Surprise Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette–Limited Edition ‘Phanes’ Review + Swatches

Phanes eye shadow palette.jpeg
The two highlight shades are sensational and work so well with this palette.



If there is one eye shadow palette that you want to think about treating yourself to this season, then it has to be the Rouge Bunny Rouge new Surprise Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Limited Edition ‘Phanes’ for the beauty that you can create from its five stunning shade choices.

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swatches of phanes eye shadow palette.jpeg
Starting on the left is Alabaster Starling, Trumpeter Koel, Umber Firefinch, Unforgettable Oriole and ending with Delicate Hummingbird on the right.


This is a well-thought out palette with wonderfully pigmented colors that give you so many options for changing eye looks.  Imagine the possibilities with two striking metallic highlight shades, one a white-silver overcast with a touch of gleaming pink-beige (Alabaster Starling) and another illuminating white gold (Unforgettable Oriole).  The other bewitching colors run the gamut from a deep plum with hints of brown, silver and pink (Delicate Hummingbird) to a haunting dark grayish-blue gleaming(Trumpeter Koel) to a dark, earthy brown (Umber Firefinch).

This mirrored Rouge Bunny Rouge Surprise Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette arrives with five separate refillable shades that you insert into each pan, which is held securely with a magnet.  However, it does not come with a brush.

Furthermore, I can’t tell you how pleased I was for how long-lasting these silky shadows in the Rouge Bunny Rouge Surprise Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette stayed on even without a primer.

As you can guess, I am smitten with this latest addition to luxury beauty brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge’s, Raw Garden Eye Shadows with the Surprise ‘Phanes’ palette even more than the original Chronos, especially with two amazing highlight shades.

Stop by Rouge Bunny Rouge’s European website and check this Raw Garden Eye Shadow Surprise ‘Phanes’ palette out while it’s still available.  Unfortunately, this particular palette won’t be sold on their USA website, but you can buy the eye shadows individually.



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