Three Essential Lipstick Shades Every Beauty Should Own

Line of lipsticks and the Three Essential Lipstick Shades Every Beauty Should Own
This post can help you organize and save money without sacrificing your beauty!


I love discovering all the latest makeup displays, comparing favorite shades and brands at cosmetic counters.  Lip products can be especially hard to resist when you see fresh testers almost calling to you once you spot them.  For some unexplainable reason, a new perfect shade of lipstick can magically do wonders for a woman’s spirit to make her feel prettier, more confident and even sexier.  As a result, we all probably end up with lots more lipsticks and glosses than we really need just because that shopping high was so much fun.

If you’re like me, then chances are you also probably migrate to certain color families that work the best for you.  Therefore, you may own more than your share of pink, red, plum,  berry or neutral lipsticks, which can accumulate in makeup stash.  However, you can cut down the expense without risking your look by sticking with three essential lipstick shades.

The first essential is aiming for one perfect nude shade that can go with practically anything you wear from casual to business attire.  Make sure it has enough pink or peach color and depth to the shade of that beige-brown to compliment your skin tone instead of washing it out.

Neutral shades are always great for when you have an odd color of clothing like an orange blouse that you don’t have any lipstick to match with it.   A nude color will not clash.

Next on your list, you need an updated pink or berry tone lipstick.  Your skin tone determines the degree and shade that are best for you.  Fairer complexions need lighter versions of pink and purples to fun, bright pinks.  The darker the skin, the richer the pink and berry-plum shades can enhance your complexion.

The third must-have lipstick is a classic red lipstick for timeless glamour.  The right hue can entice or make a statement.

With these three essential lipstick shades, your look will not suffer.  You can still have more color options by mixing the shades together.

As I see it, you can be just as beautiful owning three essential lipstick shades as many.  You’ll also be more organized and save some money shopping for lipsticks as I suggest.



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