A Handy Jewelry Removal Trick for Dislodging a Ring That Gets Stuck on Your Finger!

woman with hands full of rings.jpeg
Warm weather can make hands swell.  Rings can become tighter quickly.  This tip is a good one to remember.

Have you ever tried on a ring and found that it refused to budge when you tried to get it off?  If so, you probably tried plenty of soap and water to help loosen it.  However, there is an easier solution for solving this annoying problem.

The next time this happens to you, you might want to try spraying your finger with Windex.  Believe it or not, the ingredients in that window cleaner help the ring slip off surprisingly well.

If you don’t want to try the Windex method, you can also turn to butter, which also helps free you of that ring.

Hopefully, you won’t have this problem.  Still, it is always good to be prepared with a little knowledge for just in case! 


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