ConairPRO Silk Tools 1″ Curling Iron Review


ConairPRO Silk Tools Curling Iron box
This ConairPRO Silk Tools iron really locks in curls exceptionally well.


Are you looking to banish drooping curls from spoiling your look?  If so, I have a solution for you with my new curling iron that arrived.  The ConairPRO Silk tools 1″ Curling Iron that I tried can really lock in curls enough that you can sleep on them and forget about reinforcing those curls in the morning!  Now how often can you say, this happens?

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What makes this particular spring-type curling iron special is its unique silk fabric complex on its barrel that has both silicone and Teflon for protecting hair while better directing the heat where you need it.  The end result is smoother, full-bodied one-inch curls that really last.

ConairPRO Silk Tools 1" Curling Iron
This iron retails for $49.99.

The temperatures on this iron can go from the gentlest setting of 285F for fine hair to 430F for coarse, thick hair.  Furthermore, this iron does heat up quickly, which is another plus.  In addition, it has a long cord for easier maneuvering and a non-slip cool tip just in case you get too close.

As much as I loved the supreme curling power of this ConairPRO Silk tools 1″ Curling Iron, I have to admit the spring to hold the hair in place could have been tighter.  My hair did have a tendency to slip out at times.

Also, this iron does have a built-in stand to hold it up, but it is much shorter than I would like compared to my much higher, Hot Tools curling iron for trusting by itself on the wood of my vanity.

Yet, you can’t help love the awesome curling power of this ConairPRO Silk tools 1″ Curling Iron. Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to start thinking of a great gift for your mother or you and that perpetual problem of what you’re going to do with your hair.  The ConairPRO Silk tools Curling Iron can help so be sure to find it at Sally Beauty!



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