For a Beautiful Journey Into 17th Century France–Le Couvent des Minimes Botanical Products Review


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 Le Couvent des Minimes products make you feel like you were returned to the past.


Our lives are so fast-paced that it can be hard to imagine a world without all our modern technology. Though as wonderful as that can be, it also can be stressful.  Yet, what if I told you I sampled some plant-based beauty that made me feel like I fell through a portal in time.  Sampling the assortment of Le Couvent des Minimes took me back to another age when life was slower and far less complicated with the simple luxury their plant-based products provided.

The exquisite delight of Le Couvent des Minimes is how their line of skin care and botanical fragrance has replicated the same 17th century French botanical recipes used at the convent of Mane in southern France. If there was any way to feel like you returned to that time, then this company has managed to accomplish that.

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Their Botanical Cologne of Serenity, Eau Sereine ($38) is a perfect example.  It is fresh, aromatic fragrance that smells like I imagine the French countryside, abloom in spring with its notes of lavender, bergamot, rose, blueberry, lily-of-the valley and cedar.  The beauty is unrushed and blends together softly with a grace that I loved.

Of course, their Loving Care Body Cream for Very Dry Skin ($32) was what I tested next. With its natural ingredients such as calendula and mallow extract among others, any dryness is addressed with how moisturizing this cream felt.  It also has Galen’s wax, which helps provide a protective coat over the skin so the lubrication delivery remains intact.

I also got to sample their Exfoliating Shower Pulp in Orange Blossom & Petigrain ($12).  This had a lovely, welcoming scent to this gentle scrub.  If you were expecting the granules to be abrasive, then this is not the scrub for you.

Next, I got to try their Everyday Deodorant ($13.50).  This natural deodorant has alum stone blood orange, lemon and mandarin essential oils to help deal with perspiration along with rosemary essential oil. This product does leave underarms feeling extra wet, but it did help control the odor better than you might expect without any potential risk to health.

Last of all, I got to experience their Fresh Moisturizing Body Gel-Cream in Rose & Berries.  This formula smells divine, fresh floral.  It softens as it scents, leaving skin petal smooth, not greasy.

I really enjoyed these products that PR sent me.  It did give me a glimpse into the past of France and what it must have been like in the French countryside with the convent’s treasured recipes that company manufactured from.

If you want to get that special lady a wonderful gift this Mother’s Day, the skin care and fragrance I sampled from this company would make a fine gift to take her where she has never journeyed before into the countryside of 17th century France!  Find Le Couvent des Minimes at ULTA!


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