PUR Marble Powder Bronze for a Mistake Proof Glow

PUR Marble Powder Bronze
You’ll love the sense of control you gain for the glow you want using the Marble Powder Bronze.


Bronzers can be just as difficult as foundation for finding your ideal match.  Some shades may look suitable in the compact, but once you start applying they can fool you by being overly heavy on the orange, muddy looking or far too shimmery.  With the new one from PUR Minerals that I sampled lately, you can adjust the depth and color of bronze that you want with their Marble Powder Bronze for a mistake proof bronze look.

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The interesting thing about PUR’s Mineral Powders is that each multidimensional compact can be slightly different as far as tone and color, which give you all that more control of  shade and the extent of the glow that you’re seeking.  Instead of one flat color, you can use this one compact to contour and brighten.

The PUR Marble Powder Bronze I received was randomly speckled with browns and pink-beige pigments that once swirled really had a lovely effect.  I pulled out my PUR Blurring Powder Brush for this because it made it easier to target sections of that compact where I needed without overloading the brush for application.

I loved customizing the amount of sun-kissed radiance from this paraben and Bisphenol A (BPA) free bronzing powder.  To me, it saves you making a bad color choice because this one has various shades.  You just need to find the right spots for your perfect glow with a subtle gleam.

Anyone that keeps regretting buying one wrong bronzer after the next should try PUR Marble Powder Bronze ($23.50)  because it does make bronzing foolproof!  Check it out.


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