Fuego Box April 2017 Review

Fuego Box April 2017
I never was aware of so many different varieties of hot sauces existed until Fuego Box.


Happy days are here again with the arrival of my latest Fuego Box April 2017.  This month’s savory trio of spicy heat from the hot sauce subscription brought more unique ways to fire up the tongue with flavor.

If you also love your foods extra hot, then you need to check out Fuego Box because it has the best unusual, small-batch, artisan hot sauces that I have come across.  Trust me, you can’t easily find what this subscription box puts together in your typical grocery store because these come from all over the country. The cost is $29.95 per quarter with free shipping.  You also get an informational card about the sauces and recommended foods to go along with each sauce.  Furthermore, you can also buy one box at time for just $12.95 with a $5.00 shipping fee.

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Fuego Box April 2017 brought Maple Oatmeal Stout Craft Beer Hot Sauce from the Butterfly Bakery of Vermont.  This is a medium heat  jalapeno pepper-based sauce that has oatmeal stout, maple syrup along with white vinegar and spices.  For someone that hates to drink beer, I wasn’t sure that I would care for this mildly sweet sauce. However, it was really delicious on my scrambled eggs.  Next, I plan trying some on a veggie burger later today.

Hoff Sauce is a tasty everyday jalapeno with habanerno pepper sauce that has nice nip to it.  This one is quite hot, but won’t burn the inside of your mouth so much that you’ll miss its fantastic flavor.

Finally, I found a yellow colored one with turmeric called No. 23 from Corine’s Cuisine, which was quite different.  This one also has Scotch bonnet peppers, lots of garlic, shallots as well in its savory mix. I sampled this one for the first time on my cheese sandwich and it was quite good.

Honestly, if you love hot sauce, Fuego Box is wonderful with what you can experience.  In fact, this hot sauce subscription such as what I’ve shown you with Fuego Box April 2017 makes a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift if that special lady likes to turn up the heat of her food.



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