How to Foundation Match Without Spending More

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This tip to foundation matching can save money and the health of your skin to keep it beautiful.

Who doesn’t have this problem of needing different shades of foundation just to match their current skin color?  Depending on the season, we can be palest in the winter when our skin isn’t exposed much to the elements.  The more the weather warms, the more our complexions start to pick up more color until reaching our darkest shade in the summer.

However, there are ways to save money and accumulating too many foundations at one time that you might want to try.  Spending less is always great, but more importantly is how much healthier you can keep your skin since using old foundations could subject it to products compromised with bacteria. Decluttering your makeup bag or vanity also makes your life run smoother with fewer unneeded products to root through.

What you might want to do is to take your normal shade foundation, a liquid highlighter and a shimmery liquid bronzer.  When your skin is the palest in the winter, adding a drop of the liquid highlighter can help give the foundation a healthier glow.  The same goes when your complexion darkens more as the weather heats up.  Just add a drop of the bronzer to change and warm up the foundation. Self-adjusting these products can get you by through the seasons once you see how easy it is alter that foundation shade.

Another suggestion for foundation matching that I found helpful is buying two bottles of liquid foundations (the typical light shade you would use and the foundation shade that you would normally wear when your skin darkens through summer).  All you need to do is to take a few drops of each in the palm of your hand.  By custom mixing the two foundations together, you can experiment with the number of drops needed to find that perfect shade.

I hope you try this trick for no cost foundation matching because it saves both on your beauty budget and the health of your complexion!


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