How to Best Tackle Hard Water Stains in Your Toilet

How to Best Tackle Hard Water Stains in Your Toilet and Bathroom
If you live in an area with hard water, you got to try this cleaning tip because it does work!


In my opinion, cleaning the bathroom is the worst job that I can think of.  I hate the smell of those strong, nauseating disinfectants when you have to scrub the tiles, tub and sink.  Still, there is something even more disgusting and we all know what that involves–cleaning the toilet bowl!   However, I found how to best tackle hard water stains in your toilet bowl and wanted to pass what I learned with you.

Despite how often I clean that toilet and all the Sani-flush, bleach, and other various cleaners that I have dumped into that porcelain bowl, some stain is always left because of how hard our water is here. Regardless of how vigorously I scrub with my toilet brush or change products, I always feel defeated because some degree of that stain wins.

Anyway, I was in the midst of cleaning the bathroom when my doorbell rang.  I do not look picture-perfect when I clean. Far from it, I had on rubber gloves, old jeans, T-shirt that probably smelled because I was scrubbing, hair pulled back into ponytail  so it wouldn’t fall into my face to distract me while on bathroom detail.  You get the picture.

I was hoping it was just a delivery, but when I wasn’t fast enough to come to the door then the knocking began.  I knew whoever it was would not be leaving until I finally appeared since my car was in the driveway.

As quickly as I could, I tossed off the gloves and tried to make myself presentable the best I could before hurrying to the door.

One of my friends that I haven’t talked to for a while was in the neighborhood and dropped over.  While we had a pot of coffee, I told her about my frustration with that hard water stain in the toilet.

She recommended something that I never thought to consider using–two Alka Seltzer tablets for how to best tackle hard water stains in your toilet bowl.  All I needed was to drop them in and let them fizz up for about five minutes before taking your toilet brush to them again. Thirty or forty minutes longer of leaving those tablets dissolving is even better for ideal cleaning power.

I was skeptical, but said that I would give her method a try.  Therefore, the next time that I went shopping, I bought the Alka-Seltzer and gave it a shot.

My goodness, Alka-Seltzer and its plop–plop–fizz-fizz action did help a toilet bowl just as much as it does for whatever ails you.   Try this the next time you have a hard water stain in your toilet bowl that you need help with.  This really works and will save you time when cleaning the bathroom!



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