How to Take Scuff Marks Off Your Patent Leather Shoes to Restore Their Beauty!

red patent leather shoes.jpeg
This post can help keep those gorgeous new shoes as beautiful as possible.

Don’t you hate when you get new patent leather shoes and suddenly scuff them?  Instead of living with the scuff mark, there are some ways to clean it off that work so well that you won’t ever know you had one.

Here’s what is working for me for effectively getting rid of scuffs.  You get some toothpaste (not the gel type but the white paste) and spread a dab of it on the mark.  Take a clean cloth and gently rub until it comes off. This even works for patent leather handbags.

You can try some petroleum jelly on your shoes.  This can also budge the scuff off.

My one neighbor swears how well nail polish remover can clean off a scuff.  She warns only to use very little and aim it directly over the problem.  I, however, have not tried this technique yet so I can’t vouch for how well it handled the problem personally.


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