Ideal Makeup Colors That Best Flatter Redheads


Ideal Makeup Colors That Best Flatter Redheads Redhead
This beauty knows how to make her coloring and hair work to her advantage.


There was a time when I totally changed my look.  I went from brunette to redhead.  I didn’t go to any extreme like bright ginger, but wanted something different that could work with my skin tone.  So I dared to step out of my comfort zone and had my hair colored a true auburn.  In order to rock that new version of me, I found that the makeup shades I was using as a brunette had to go if I intended to make most of it.

Therefore, I went shopping with my makeup artist friend, who steered me in the right direction when considering the ideal makeup colors that flatter redheads.  Her first suggestion was switching out my bold black eyeliner and mascara for deep brown eyeliner and brown-black for the mascara.  Olive or plum shades for eyeshadow were another, which really worked some beautiful magic. For lips, she advised me to stay with pinks and berry shades and forget any colors that were too orange or had too much coral.

Once I got home and started experimenting with those new cosmetics, I saw at once where she was going with those recommendations for redheads.  My old makeup might have made me clash or been too overpowering for the softness needed to really compliment the red in my hair.

You’re probably thinking why I went back to my original hair color if I thought this red shade was so great.  I wore it for a while, but after a time I wanted to reinvent myself yet again with a different hairstyle and color, which meant I went back to brunette again–-at least for now.

Who knows when I will next feel the urge to totally revamp my look or join the league of redheads again?  After all, the fun of beauty is being adventurous and trying out new looks with products and styles to help us do just that.



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