Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush and Highlighter From Mally Beauty Review


Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush and Highlighter From Mally Beauty
These Mally Beauty glow-getters can really help your look.


Blush and lipstick are two beauty essentials that I would be hard pressed to live without. I couldn’t go a day without them for the life that they can return to a pale face.  Unless you are fortunate to wake up with perfect coloring, you might not value the importance of those products in the same way as the rest of us that need to help our beauty along.  Now it’s easy to understand why I am so smitten with a new one from Mally Beauty with her Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush and Highlighter that PR sent me recently.

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Pretty Pink is a cooler, deeper pink, a blend of mauve and magenta. Stardust is a shimmery champagne shade.   At first glance, I thought the color might overwhelm my fair coloring until I tried it with that double-ended brush I found inside the Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush and Highlighter.


Effortlessly Airbrush blush and highlighter set
Your complexion gains subtle color and a lovely gleam with this product.

I used the black end that had slightly more hairs and would be less for the dark pigment to stain in comparison to the white end when working with this blush.  What I did was apply it sparingly and gradually built it up until this silky powder with a creamier feel than you might expect melded into my skin with enough of that dramatic color to look as it always has been a part of me.  Actually, the effect of this deep pink against my light skin and dark hair was more flattering than I expected.

The small round with that Stardust highlighter was simply gorgeous once I dusted some on.  I used the white end of my brush for this highlighter. I hardly used much because this packs a lot of glow so keep that in mind, but it was nice for emphasizing cheekbones.

This three-piece Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush and Highlighter set that you can find at ULTA Beauty is a nice value at $35.  At Mally Beauty the Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush alone is $24. Check it out!



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