Mally Beauty Glowing Goddess Luminizer and Stippling Brush for Enviable Skin


Mally Beauty Glowing Goddess Luminizer for Enviable Skin
This luminizer helps skin to appear naturally fresh and lit from within.


If you want a secret trick product that can help brighten to make your complexion look younger, it is highlighter to lift and wake up certain sections of the face.  One that I think is a great find is Mally Beauty’s Glowing Goddess Luminizer that I have been obsessed with lately for how naturally it can make light play off the skin.

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This Glowing Goddess Luminizer ($29) is a lightweight powder complete with vitamins and antioxidants that gives the skin delicate sheen, not overloading it with obvious chunks of glitter. As a result, I thought my complexion looked fresh and alive like it sprang from within judging by that dewy finish this highlighter was capable of.  The color is universal, basically a nearly transparent ray of golden light that any skin tone can benefit from for working its magic.

Mally Beauty Stippling Brush for Enviable Skin
This brush helps save you money using less product and picks up the ideal amount of pigment.

Though you can use any brush basically to apply a powder like this, Mally Beauty’s Stippling Brush ($30) made my application much better.  The design and its hair count allowed me to target just the right amount of luminizer more precisely.  Another thing I discovered was that you don’t waste as much pigment using this brush.

I was very pleased with both of these products and will definitely keep them stocked in my beauty bag. Have you tried the Mally Beauty Glowing Goddess Luminizer and Stippling Brush yet?

Right now, has a great deal for both for $28.98.  It’s like they are giving you the Stippling Brush for free!  Check it out!



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