Stemulation Luxury Stem Cell Skin Care Review

Stemulation Luxury Stem Cell Skin Care Facial Serum
Stem cells power up this Stemulation anti-aging formula.


I am fortunate to have great skin, but it wasn’t always the case.  I used to have trouble with an oily complexion and occasional breakouts like everyone else and then my skin began undergoing changes with dryness and fine lines. Today, I want to tell you about Stemulation, a luxury skin care line that uses stem cells from bone marrow (Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells) for their rejuvenating power to beautify an aging complexion.

The reason these stem cells can make a difference is because they possess growth factors, cytokines and peptides for deep skin healing.  Those harvested cells are the prime ingredient powering the Stemulation luxury stem cell skin care line.

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My experience is with two of Stemulation luxury stem cell skin care line, the Facial Serum and Daily Micro Derm Scrub that arrived for this review.

Stemulation Luxury Stem Cell Skin Care Daily Micro Derm Scrub
This product gently sloughs away dead cells.


The Facial Serum was what I used twice a day to moisturize my face with.  This anti-aging product is somewhat thin with a pleasant fruity smell, but is fast absorbing, making the complexion feeling silkier and healthier almost upon contact.

To get the most benefits from this serum, you are advised to follow with their Boost Creme. Unfortunately, I did not receive that product to learn how much more the serum was capable of. However, I was surprised at how this Facial Serum could accomplish this much even on its own once examining my face following every new application.

My complexion felt more balanced for moisture without that heavy, greasy feeling.  I also started to notice the overall brightness and tone kept gradually changing before my eyes enough to see pores shrink.  It did not suddenly take my laugh lines away, but it did make fine creases and imperfections like that remnant of my small scar a lot better in appearance.

The Daily Micro Derm Scrub was ideal for exfoliating without any possibility of ripping the skin with coarse, irregular granules.  This product has very tiny micro-granules that gently rub dead skin and grime away to help it best thrive.  My skin felt soft and comfortable afterwards, which I can’t always say happens when you are subject to dry skin.

Due to the innovative science behind Stemulation luxury stem cell skin care, their products are not cheap but worth every penny if you ask me.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat yourself or your mother to a well-deserved younger face. Now is your chance to get the complexion that you always wanted because Stemulation has a special deal. When you buy either the .50oz. ($150) Facial Serum or the 1oz. ($250) size and add the 8-oz. Size Daily Micro Derm Scrub to your cart, you will get a FREE full Daily Micro Derm Scrub when you enter coupon code, Nuts4stuff at checkout!


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