Makeup Tips for Aging Eyes That Can Help

aging eye
We all age, but the wrong makeup choices and techniques can make it worse.

Depending on whether you have a problem with those fine creases that have deepened, bags under your eyes along with dark circles or puffiness, you want to be careful when using eye makeup so not to make the effects of aging so obvious.  Otherwise, your eyes might look too harsh at this stage in life unless you make a few simple changes to your makeup routine.  Here are some useful makeup tips for aging eyes that can help soften the look of time.

My advice is to forget the bold, dramatic glittery shades of eye shadows in favor of matte neutrals of a light flesh tone and a darker medium brown.  The matte colors won’t shout age like the attention-getting glittery shadows that will pull eyes right to the wrinkles.

Liquid eye liners are sensational, but if you have crepe-like skin of that area, they can become your enemy and make that aging area more noticeable.  Instead, eye liner pencils give you more control for smudging and thickness to give you a softer line.

The older you get, the fewer lashes you seem to have.  Therefore, you need to make most of what you got by curling them first before thinking of mascara.  This makeup tip for aging eyes will help stretch and lift them upward.

Your concealer placement needs to change to keep up.  Try applying just a bit of it on the outer corners of your eyes and at the inner corners next to the nose instead of a thick coat spread directly underneath the eyes.  This technique will gently lift the eyes up and lighten darkness, only in a kinder way.

A pair of well-groomed brows can help because aging can do unexpected things to the way they suddenly look and grow.  If you never tried a clear brow gel, you might want to pick a tube up.  This makeup tip for aging eyes can help you shape those misbehaving brow hairs back in line.

You can’t stop aging, but  you can still look attractive.  All required is a little extra effort and these makeup tips for aging eyes!



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