How to Avoid Makeup Color Mistakes When Shopping

How to Avoid Makeup Color Mistakes When Shopping Sephora store
You’ll want to read this if you want to save time and makeup color mistakes.


How many of us has the luxury of free time these days?  Usually, we end up cramming some shopping after work or during lunch breaks if we want to see the makeup we’re considering in person instead of trying to decide whether to trust images of the product online before pressing the button to order at a website.  If you’re the type that likes to see makeup and sample the shades first, then I have some helpful advice on how to avoid makeup color mistakes that can narrow down your chances of coming home with bad color choices.

Instead of buying a foundation or any cream or liquid cosmetics late in the day after work, try saving that chore for earlier in the day, if possible to avoid makeup color mistakes.  Mornings are usually the best time because the skin hasn’t accumulated with oil that could alter the way those cosmetics could look.

If you can’t fit any morning makeup shopping into your schedule, you could always browse those cosmetics and brands that you’re interested in after work first, but delay the purchase until the next weekend morning when you have the opportunity to test the color on your clean, makeup-free face.

Take a friend and before buying, wait until you get outside to see how the product looks on your face instead of inside the store.  Also, try waiting a few hours to see how this product will mesh with the oils of your skin for any color changes.  Shopping for those cosmetics this way will give you more accurate results to avoid makeup color mistakes in the future!



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