Beauty Box 5 April 2017 Review

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You get three tools in this month’s box.

Stay Golden is this month’s theme from Beauty Box 5.  The April 2017 assortment of skin care, cosmetics, hair and beauty tools from this beauty box subscription is meant to help you shine. 

Beauty Box 5 works by sending you a fresh box of five full and sample size beauty items from cosmetics, skin and hair care, perfumes, grooming tools to nail products for $12 a month and no extra charge for shipping.  This is an ideal way to sample new products from companies that you may be familiar with or from brands you already know.  

Are you ready to explore what I found inside?

Beauty Box 5 April 2017

1.  Be A Bombshell Blush (Full Size)———————————$6.00
2.  DID Hair Gold Bobby Pins (Full Size)—————————–$8.50
3.  BBS Highlight Fan Brush (Full Size)—————————–$12.00
4.  Jean Pierre Vitamin-C Sheet Mask (Sample)——————-$2.60
5.  Sweep Rose Gold Lash Curler (Full Size)———————-$15.99

Total Estimated Value: $45.09

Be A Bombshell Blush was in the shade Cougar.  This is a deep pink-toned brown that could work for a variety of complexions just by how light or heavy that you apply.

DID Hair Gold Bobby Pins can be used as a hair accessory, if you go in for that sort of thing.  I wasn’t too impressed and will be using mine to pin my bangs back when I wash my face.

Another item that could have been better was the BBS Highlight Fan Brush.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love to get new makeup brushes, but this one was just so-so.

I did like Jean Pierre Vitamin-C Sheet Mask for the moisture it added to my dry complexion.  It also has a subtle brightening effect.

The Sweep Rose Gold Lash Curler was just all right.  It didn’t curl nearly as well as some others I have.

Though April 2017 was worth $45.09, I was rather disappointed in this current box with more tools than beauty.   Hopefully, Beauty Box 5 will make up for that with next month’s box like they have done before.  

Have you tried the beauty box subscription yet?  Check them out.


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