Beessential Natural Skin Care Products Review


Beessential Natural Skin Care Products
These Beessential products soothe and soften without harsh chemicals!


A great way to unwind after a long, stressful day is pampering my body with indulgent natural skin care from head to toe such as what Beessential sent me with one of their body washes, hand & body lotions and lip balm.

Beessential is a small Ohio company that uses their own home grown honey to manufacture and control all aspects of their products. They only use healthy ingredients like coconut, olive and virgin hemp oils and never sulfates, parabens or PEG.

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The Lavender With Bergamot Moisturizing Body Wash ($8.99) has lavender and bergamot essential oils that made for a relaxing time in my tub.  It lathered up wonderfully and was pleasing to cleanse with.

Once I jumped out of the tub, I gave my still damp body an ample lubing with their Relaxing Lavender Honey Hand & Body Cream ($12.99).  This was a rich cream that locked in moisture and softened me with a refreshing light scent.

My lips are always craving extra moisture despite the season.  I found their Lemon-Lavender Lip Balm 2-Pack ($5.98) up to the task of soothing dryness with a pleasant taste.

If you’re looking for reasonably priced natural body care, find Beessential products at their website and do browse!



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