Delicate Owl Handmade Luxury Bath and Body Care Review


Delicate Owl Handmade Luxury Bath and Body Care Simply Lavender Salt Scrub
This product makes for a nice end to a long, hard day.


Gentle skin pampering is what you can expect with the natural soaps and cosmetic products from British-based Delicate Owl that I have had the pleasure of reviewing lately.  I have been indulging my body with an intoxicating assortment of their handmade luxury bath and body care with their Simply Lavender Salt Scrub and Bath Bomb, Country Cottage Rose Lotion for Hands & Body, Oatmeal (Exfoliate) and Country Rose Soaps, and Grapefruit Body Wash and Lotion.

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Delicate Owl Simply Lavender Bath Bomb
Your tired body will appreciate the fizzing action of this once you climb into your tub.


I don’t know where to begin because each of these products lovingly treated my skin, but their award-winning Simply Lavender Bath Bomb is 4 pounds or ($5.17) is a pleasant method of soothing, some tired, achy muscles after a long day while allowing the calming lavender aroma to work its aromatherapeutic magic as it banishes stress.  It has a fizzy action with a blend of essential lavender and almond oils to the Epsom salt, which once dropped into the tub under running water seems to give those sore muscles almost an underwater massage as you recline in the tub.

The Delicate Owl Simply Lavender Salt Scrub ($13.58)  is another product to help perk up a tired body.  With Epsom salt, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, lavender essential oil and flowers are just some of the quality natural ingredients that revive and moisturize the skin as you soak in that beautifully scented water.  The product even comes with a handy wooden scoop for measuring use.

Delicate Owl Soaps
These gentle, fragrant soaps provided rich, creamy lather.


As to Delicate Owl soaps, I almost was tempted just to store them in my lingerie drawer with how fragrant they were, but spoiled me instead.  The Country Rose ($5.82) is a gentle, creamy paraben free soap that perfumes as it cleans with English rose parfum, rose geranium, ylang ylang, and patchouli essential oils.

The Oatmeal (Exfoliate) Soap ($5.82)  was the one I tried the next day.  This has oatmeal, honey, goats milk, vanilla oil and vegetable glycerine besides natural oils.  If you have dry or sensitive skin, you would love how gently this soap treats the skin.

The Country Cottage Rose Lotion for Hands & Body ($16.16)  is a soft, sheer rose that is full of nourishing, lightweight  hydration without a slick, greasy feeling as it absorbs into the skin with risking it to M. I. T preservatives or colors.  You can buy a version with a pump to dispense like the one I received or without. However, I do find pumps are more convenient with how often I reach for my lotions.

Delicate Owl Country Rose Lotion
The rose lotion had a delicate beauty to it.

I also got to experience their Grapefruit Natural Body and Bath Wash and matching Hand & Body Lotion. Using this wash in the shower was fresh and an energizing way to start my day.  Following up with the Grapefruit Hand & Body Lotion doubled the pleasure to extend that happy brightness further into the morning.

Delicate Owl Grapefruit Lotion and Wash
The Grapefruit wash and lotion is a pleasant way to begin a day.


Delicate Owl sells mainly to the United Kingdom so if you live across the pond, I highly recommend their wonderful handmade luxury bath and body care products. They would be perfect for Mother’s Day gifting.  For the rest, the company does offer international delivery based on weight and size. Be sure to check their website and then email.  You still might be lucky enough to experience their products as well so do ask because you will really love them!


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