How to Easily Adapt the Level of Your Powder Foundation Coverage From the Same Compact!

makeup and brushes.jpeg
You’ll be surprised at how much additional coverage you’ll get from that same powder foundation once you try this tip.

Some people feel that powder foundations can’t compare to the amount of coverage that you can expect from liquid forms.  However, I tend to disagree because with the right brush and technique that product will provide you with heavier, fuller coverage just as easily as it would for lighter coverage just by switching out brushes and varying your method of application.

Swirling your brush into the powder foundation and dusting it on gives you more sheer coverage.  

On the other hand, if you need heavier coverage, then it is simpler than you expect.  What I do is get a flat-top foundation brush and tap, tap, tap into the powder foundation. This technique guarantees that the most powder adheres to the brush over that typical random swirling that you might usually do.  Afterwards, I take that loaded brush and slowly press into the skin before finally giving my face light buffing.

I promise if you try this powder foundation makeup tip you’ll be amazed at how much additional coverage that same foundation will give you.  It’s like you now have two different coverages in one foundation compact!


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