How to Make Your Own DIY Shimmering Body Lotion

Bronzer for How to Make Your Own Shimmering Body Lotion
You will love how easy it is to transform any body lotion into a shimmering lotion with just two products.

Don’t you love when your skin gradually gains some color at this time of year to be ready for summer?   If so, I know a way that you can get that all over healthy glow while making use of the products you probably already have on hand with this simple DIY Shimmering Body Lotion that I want to share with you.

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to adapt a basic body lotion and transform it into your own DIY Shimmering Body Lotion.  All else that you need is some shimmery liquid or cream bronzer that you can squeeze or drop a little into that lotion. Use just a tad of the bronzer at first because you can always adjust once you experiment with the right combination for your skin tone.

The next thing that you do is recap and give that lotion and few brisk shakes.  Once you do, test the degree of the shimmer lotion on your arm.  You may want to repeat and add slightly more bronzer to further warm up that glow to your liking, if that sun-kissed look you created is too pale.

I assure you that once you get your own formula for this DIY shimmering body lotion figured out, then you will want to keep on concocting your own.



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  1. Helena Oops
    May 5, 2017 / 8:52 am

    Hello Looks like a great tips!Thanks for the post ,the idea ,thanks for sharing !Enjoy your weekend !xx

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