Le Couvent des Minimes Botanical Colognes of Love, of the Morning and of the Minims Review


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Undisturbed natural beauty preserved from another time.


Perhaps, you are still looking for the perfect fragrance gift for that special lady this Mother’s Day?  If so, let me tell you about three Le Couvent des Minimes botanical colognes (owned by L’Occitane) that offer simple natural beauty of flowers, fruits, woods and herbs at their best from centuries old recipes found in the Le Couvent des Minimes in Provence, France.

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Eau Aimable (Cologne of Love) is ideal for someone that loves a fruity-floral that is easy to wear.  Think of this fragrance as a delicate fresh journey into nature with its tangerine and bergamot notes as it opens.  In time, it warms and meets up with the rose and orange blossom that lend their sweetness to this welcoming scent. Once it starts to dry down, Eau Aimable gains some herbal earthiness from the green notes of nasturcia and petitgrain that is delightfully light and calming to the senses like a beautiful walk through the woods on a summer’s day.

Eau des Matines (Cologne of the Morning) reminds you of a stroll in an apple orchard as it opens, but in those sweet blossoms you can also detect some juicy freshness from its lemon and orange notes.  The heart is fruitier still with pear and delectable figs with a beautiful boost of basil to invigorate.  In the base, that lovely energy softens due to the cedarwood and soft musk notes making it very inviting and comfortable.

Eau des Minimes (Cologne of the Minimes) is a citrus-herbal fragrance that of the three unisex scents is the most masculine in my opinion.  The dominant citrus notes are grapefruit, lemon and blood orange with a brisk tart opening soon accompanied by aromatic rosemary.  As it warms, the floral notes emerge from wild pansy leading the way along with lemon balm and burdock to add some interesting, irresistible sweetness with almost a bit of vanilla to tone back that sharp bitterness.  As it drys down, it has a sensual, alluring quality due to the notes of mallow, neroli and benzoin that add to its intrigue.

This trio of surprisingly soft colognes that I introduced you to are ideal ones for those that hate overpowering fragrances and want to surround themselves with nature as it was before the modern world stepped in.  Visit ULTA and check Le Couvent des Minimes botanical colognes out because they are wonderful, indeed!




  1. Sandy Cain
    May 12, 2017 / 10:15 am

    These sound wonderful! I am a perfumista (my one indulgence), and I'm going to be dropping more than a few hints for these. Thanks!!

  2. Calvin F.
    May 12, 2017 / 6:38 pm

    Kind of reminds me l'occitane

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