Mally Beauty Shimmer, Shape & Glow Palettes Review


 Shimmer Shape & Glow Palette Deeper
This is the DEEPER that brings peach tones to life.

One makeup product that can do it all to get your complexion healthy, glowing, and looking as if you got just enough color from the sun comes is the new Shimmer, Shape & Glow Palettes from Mally Beauty.  PR graciously sent both the LIGHTER and DEEPER versions for this review.

I thought the original Shimmer, Shape & Glow was a well-thought out product for defining the face with blushing, highlighting and contouring to make the application foolproof for even those that never attempted highlighting and contouring.  Yet, Mally Roncal really knows how to step up the game with this new verison.

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 Shimmer Shape & Glow palette Lighter
Here is LIGHTER that  has beautiful cool pink tones.


Just like the original, the tones of the LIGHTER and DEEPER palettes are what really distinguishes them from each other and not the strength of their color.  The LIGHTER palette is more about rosy pink tones.  On the other hand, the DEEPER one is warm and peachy beautiful at its best.  Regardless of your preference, both have a delicate satin sheen brought to their full glory with a soft shimmering highlight.

Though I honestly think either palette could compliment any complexion, I do find the DEEPER really enhances my fair to light coloring with yellow undertones exceptionally well.  Those with a cooler skin tone probably would equally fall in love with LIGHTER, if you had to narrow your choice down to one.

Honestly though, I don’t think that you would want to have to decide on just one of these palettes with how you can change your look.  My advice is just save yourself from a difficult choice by getting both or the Golden Goddess Luminizer that I also tried. You’ll find a lot of great use from these Mally Beauty New Shimmer, Shape & Glow Palettes ($40) so check them out!



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  1. Shannon Fowler
    May 11, 2017 / 1:54 am

    These look like great products! It seems like they both would be great to have. I have fair skin so I am always a little worried how darker colors will look.

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