PUR Cosmetics Make It Matte Oil Mattifying Blotting Stick Review

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 Make It Matte Oil stick and box.jpeg
If oil is a problem, this stick is a handy helper.

If you read me regularly, then you probably are aware that I have dry skin for the most part.  This is true except for an oily nose, which baffles me since the rest of my T-zone is fine. This shiny nose problem gets worse through the heat of summer.  With that said, I thought PUR’s Make It Matte Oil Mattifying Blotting Stick might be a helpful save from over powdering or using a blotting sheet.

opened Make It Matte stick.jpeg
Here is what the product looks like.

This white blotting stick is what you use instead of your normal mattifying primer and apply to dry skin before makeup.  The product comes in a short, chubby silver tube that is perfect for throwing in your handbag or targeting smaller areas like a nose or running over your T-zone.  

When I read the ingredients, I noticed it had one particular ingredient that I knew could help to produce a mattifying effect.  It was silica in the formula.

When I tried it, I was pleased at how well it kept my nose shine free for hours without the need to retouch. I’m glad that I found this product now before broiling summer sets in to make that shine more of an issue.  

If you also need to zap up excess oil, PUR Cosmetics Make It Matte Oil Mattifying Blotting Stick ($26) is worth trying. 


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  1. Tamra Phelps
    May 24, 2017 / 5:19 pm

    Oh, I hate the shiny nose effect in Summer! I definitely deal with that. I hadn't heard of this product, but it certainly seems like a winner.

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