Sugru Mouldable Glue (Organise Small Spaces, Rebel Tech and Create & Craft) Kits Review

Sugru Organise Small Spaces Kit
This kit makes small home jobs easier.


I had never heard of Sugru, but when a PR rep emailed and invited me to test some of their mouldable glue kits to cover various projects, it piqued my curiosity.  Like everyone else, I had some ideas in mind for my own home projects to evaluate the Organize Spaces, Rebel Tech and Create & Crafts Kits.

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Each of these kits retails for $15 and includes four single-use packs of this mouldable putty that you shape, then adhere to suit your needs before letting it completely dry for 24 hours along with 14-16 ideas for projects and a Sugru tin with some slight differences per kit.

Sugru Rebel Tech Kit
Organizing gaming stuff and wires can be readily solved with this kit.


The Organize Small Spaces Kit also has three D-hooks, one toothpick and a Sugru remover in case you make a mistake.  I attached a few extra hooks in my closet for my hair dryer and curling iron for more convenient access.

Rebel Tech Kit also comes with Sugru remover, which is handy if you never played with this stuff before for when you decide on a different spot or just didn’t care for your work.  I didn’t use this one yet because my guy has plans for it with all his computer wires and gaming gizmos.

The Create & Craft Kit is basically for personalizing whatever you need by stamping. This kit also comes with a texturing thimble and brush. To be honest, I don’t have anything I need to use this kit for now.  However, I’m going to save it for the holiday season since this would be nice for making cute labels for a homemade cookie, cocoa drink mix, spice mixes that you want to pass out to friends as a small gift.

Sugru Create & Craft Kit.
You can personalize practically anything.

Now is a great time to start some home projects.  These Kits can help simplify some of what you may be planning. Check them out at the Sugru website.



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