How to Choose the Ideal Mascara Brush

How to Choose the Ideal Mascara Brush mascara brushes Pixabay image
Your mascara brush matters!


Formula is the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about mascara.  Yet, the brush inside that product is just as important if you want to get the most bang for your buck for what look you’re hoping to achieve.  Therefore, here are some simple tips to know what each type of mascara brush will do for your beauty.

A comb-like wand usually is what you want for the most natural look. This particular shape of mascara brush can also come to your rescue when lashes tend to stick together.

On that same note, a long, skinnier mascara brush is the best one for doing bottom lashes over the bigger, bulkier brushes. It also can be helpful for lengthening if the bristles are evenly spaced.

The curved variety of mascara brush that rounds a bit is great for lifting and maximizing short lashes.

If you are searching for a mascara brush that will give you bold eyes, then look for a jumbo-size brush for loading up mascara for the most intense black gaze.

Then again, there is the hourglass shaped mascara brush that can do wonders to widen your eyes with how the mascara is deposited from the unique design of its inner and outer corners.

A tapered mascara brush is perfect for lengthening and doing those ultra fine lashes in the inner corners of the eye.

Something else to keep in mind is the difference between plastic and nylon brushes, which both have good and bad points.  Plastic doesn’t deliver the same amount of mascara as nylon and can take more swipes to build up the coverage, but can be more subtle while still lengthening and separating.  On the other hand, nylon can boost lash volume more easily, but can at times be harder for separating lashes.

Whichever is your preference, just know with the right formula mascara and brush, your eyes will look sensational!


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