How to Stop Buying Jeans That Don’t Keep Their Fit

How to Stop Buying Jeans That Don't Keep Their Fit Jeans
If you want to make sure that new pair keeps that same fit, this tip can help you stop buying jeans that don’t keep their fit.

Don’t you hate when after trying on what feels like a million pairs of jeans to find that perfect one only to later discover it was an expensive mistake?  Those formerly flattering jeans that once showed off your figure to its most shapely advantage now lost their shape after laundering.  Therefore, it’s important to look beyond that initial love of yourself in those jeans and think of the material before parting with your money.  Here is some simple advice on how to stop buying jeans that don’t keep their fit.

Do yourself a favor and remember to look at the label.  A pair that has 70 percent cotton to 30 percent of polyester will stretch a bit and pack you in like a moveable girdle.  On the other hand, you’ll be in for more disappointment if you pick up a pair that has 98 percent cotton because it will lose that great fitting shape and stretch out.




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