Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (Light Glow) Review


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (Light Glow) Leg Makeup
This leg makeup comes in six shades.



Summer has officially declared itself finally with warm enough weather to pull out the shorts.  The only problem I had was how unsightly white legs looked after gazing at my reflection in our full-length mirror. Since I didn’t want to draw attention to that frightening prospect, I thought one of those quick spray-on tans form of leg makeup like Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs might be just the thing to get them by until getting some genuine sun.

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Though this makeup type tanning product has been around for quite a while, this was my first time experimenting with it.  To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure how well a leg makeup would work or if it would even last without melting or staining clothes.

Before I began, I exfoliated my legs first with a sugar scrub to make the surface smooth for the leg makeup to adhere.  I do advise that step to guarantee the best results from any self-tanning product.  After spraying a wad into the palm of my hand, I started from the feet and hurried rubbing the product in as evenly as I could, working my way up the leg before it dried.

If you’re not quick enough, it will look streaky so remember that you’re on the clock and rub, rub, rub.  When you run out of your current load, wash your hands before getting a fresh application because this leg makeup can look spotty in places if you don’t.

It was very simple to use and gave just enough natural sunny color that didn’t leave its mark on my shorts.  I wouldn’t want to use it every day as a substitute for stockings, but it is handy when you can’t afford to have those legs looking like they belong to a corpse.

Have you tried Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs yet?  Check it out!



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