Lifestyle Changes That Can Make You Healthier

Lifestyle Changes That Can Make You Healthier Smiley face among sad faces Pixabay image
It’s easier to be happy when you’re healthier.


Regardless of all our good intentions, we always don’t act in our body’s best interests.  We can eat wrong and make bad food choices, miss sleep, shrug off exercise and let stress often consume us.  After all, we are only human and can only try our best.  Sometimes it feels impossible to make healthy changes in our lives, but often it seems more doable when you start with small goals for those lifestyle changes for health.

For instance, drinking that six to eight glasses of water a day that is recommended as what your body needs is hard for a lot of people.  For a devout coffee, tea or soda drinker, this can be difficult. Therefore, you might find it easier to substitute one glass of water when you have the urge for a soda, tea or coffee break a day. In time, you could always try replacing two cups of coffee, tea or a soda for two glasses of water and so forth. If not, one glass of water is still an improvement for health over your normal beverage.

Eating too much sugar is bad as we all know for health, but it tastes so good.  Besides weight gain, it can lead to diseases such as type 2 diabetes to cause problems like stiffening the joints and arthritis.  Too much of it can also age us more than we like from how it breaks down collagen.

However, most of us can’t give sugar up.  Nonetheless, we can still enjoy our sweets by lessening the damage on our bodies just by making a few changes to how we eat. According to my  doctor, if a person sticks to eating healthy during the week, it is perfectly fine to indulge your sweet tooth on the weekends. Perhaps, you might want to take that route and see how that works for you.

During the week, we try to substitute fresh fruits over something I bake or a dessert like ice cream or pudding, etc.  Weekends though are my time to bake. If I happen to run out of fruit before I could shop again, then I will bake something not as heavy on the sugar like scones that have about one-fourth cup per two cups of flour. My oatmeal scones recipe that I shared earlier has merely one-half cup of sugar to two cups of oats and another two and one-fourth cups of flour.  You also might want to try my other scone recipes for blueberry scones, coconut scones and check my recipes for more.  This type of sweet  is far healthier than two cups of sugar that might go into a typical cake.

Stress can kill you just as quickly as any disease.  When you keep concentrating on anger, hatred or jealousy, your thoughts are consumed only with those emotions and what brought it on.  Your mind is in a rut because you can’t move on, locking yourself in those destructive emotions like hatred, anger or jealousy. On the other hand, you can try to forgive, forget or accept what is. Opening yourself to those possibilities will help release bad feelings so you can move on and ready to accept what could be. You might not be successful, but if you want to reduce your stress and improve your health, you should at least try.  You will be surprised at how forgiveness, letting go of anger and jealousy frees your mind so you can concentrate on beautiful new possibilities or beginnings.

These are just a few simple lifestyle changes that can improve your daily health.  The important thing to remember taking even a small step is a positive action to bettering your health.  Babies take baby steps. Think of this small step as the first baby step to getting you healthier!


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