Facial Cleansers and the Dirty Truth About Them

facial cleanser
How much do you trust your favorite type of cleanser for purging those pores of ALL unwanted grime? 


We all have our own favorite type of facial cleansers whether it is the convenience of face or makeup wipes, a creamy cleanser, oil cleanser or a foaming one from plain soap to a cleanser that rinses off with water.  Yet, do you know how well that particular preference of yours is cleaning for your face wash to get everything off?

For instance, makeup wipes are fantastic when you’re exhausted and need the quickest way to remove a face load of products in one step.  The only problem is that you’re not really purging your pores of all traces of makeup and those cleanser ingredients that could be lingering on your face, despite what you see on that used wipe.

A good rule of thumb is to remember to rinse your face afterwards. This helps when you use wipes because at  least you’ll be removing skin irritating chemicals like preservatives such as formaldehyde or a fragrance from remaining on the skin.

Using wipes on a daily basis is a bad idea overall since it can also be drying and cause stretching from pulling the skin as you run a wipe over it, in addition to allowing traces of grime to remain.  Instead, use these products when you need to during certain occasions or times but don’t rely on them totally is a better way to go for your complexion and possibly health.

If you gravitate toward creamy cleansers that you wipe off with a tissue or cloth, your skin has the same problem.  Doing a double cleanse and following up with soap and water will help.

While the foaming cleansers that you rinse away with water won’t leave their chemical ingredients behind as they go down the drain, they still can leave microscopic traces of grime behind.  The fix for that is to use a facial cleaning brush.

Micellar Water is the rage right now.  These  facial cleansers are wonderful, especially if you have sensitive skin. The only problem again is this type of cleanser also will remain on the skin once you finish with that loaded cotton ball.  A final rinse with water might be something to think about if you were planning to remove those lingering ingredients.

Oil based cleansers can dissolve makeup and practically everything else that attaches to your face in a normal day. These are probably the best defense in this battle for clean pores, besides also using a foamy cleanser and rinsing with water.

Hopefully, what I shared will help clarify the difference when shopping for cleansers.  Before I conclude, I do want to stress the importance of doing one last step to truly purge those pores clean.  I recommend exfoliating once a week with a facial peel pad or similar type product for ultimate complexion happiness.  Honestly, I promise that you will notice a huge improvement in your skin’s health and beauty with a remarkable smoother texture, glow, and softness once you add this to your skin care routine!


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