Tweak Your Nighttime Beauty Ritual for Better Skin

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This beauty listens intently to keep her perfect complexion thriving.


When you’re tired after a long day at work, your first impulse may be to bathe or shower and quickly remove all your makeup then slapping on your eye cream, serum and/or night cream before plopping your exhausted body on that comfortable bed. If so, you are not alone because I used to do the same thing like countless others. Though we might have believed we were making a great effort for our complexions, the truth is not entirely. This was only minimally helping our skin, not optimally as we had assumed.  Therefore, you might want to tweak your current nighttime beauty ritual with some small changes to boost product power for vastly improved skin care results!

The time that you apply your nightly skin care products do matter.  Give those beneficial ingredients at least twenty minutes to sink into your skin before hitting that pillow.  After all, eye and night creams are richer formulas and have a luxurious, thicker texture compared to daytime lotions and lighter consistency day creams that penetrate sooner.  This sufficient amount of time allows this heavier formula the opportunity to fully absorb into the skin instead of wasting those precious ingredients on your pillowcase.

If you also like to start with an anti-aging serum, start with that product first before your night cream to make it work harder.  The important thing to remember is let that serum dry before rushing the process and reaching for your night cream.  Adding the night cream too soon dilutes the serum a bit, which is altering the exceptional anti-aging capabilities that the two products could be doing together.

One last point that I want to stress is trying not to overdo the night cream.  Too much is worse than not enough because with all their potent ingredients like retinol, you could be irritating your skin instead of improving it.  A pea-size amount is all you need.

Our products can do so much for us, but the rest is up to us.  Try adapting your nightly skin care ritual with these few changes can make a true difference for your complexion over time.  I promise you that if you try what I suggest here, then you’ll be happier with your complexion with improvements that you’ll see.



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  1. tannawings
    June 7, 2017 / 12:54 am

    Gosh I am horrible at these routines. I mean I start out with the best intentions, and then just lose it. I wash my face and do some lotion and call it night. This is a good post though and one that makes sense.

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