Why Your Choice of Brush Matters When Blow-Drying!

round brush and comb.jpeg
If you value the condition of your hair, use the right brush when exposing it to heat!

Before you blow-dry again, you may want to examine the brush that you are about to put in your hair.  I happen to use round brushes with ceramic cores to minimize heat damage.  However, if you use just a regular round brush that has a metal base, then you could be making your hair suffer, especially if you forget to apply a protective thermal serum.

Due to that metal core, the heat alone intensifies enough to fry the hair.  Besides risking your hair to that frightening possibility, the bristles of typical metal round brushes are usually sharper to cut up hair at the cuticle.

A better alternative is to play it safe with one designed specifically for blow-drying.  It could have a ceramic, wood or cork core.  Boar or soft synthetic bristles are also preferable when making a selection being less likely to tear up hair that is more vulnerable when damp.

Changing that metal brush for a safer version definitely helps make keep hair stronger and healthier!


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