An Easy Save to Keep Delicate Necklaces From Tangling When Storing in Your Jewelry Box!

blue stone necklace.jpeg
Using their boxes is fine, but some are too bulky or can add up in a jewelry box.  This post can help.

Necklaces that have those fragile, thin chains can be hard to store.  Sometimes, you might keep them in their original box inside your jewelry box, but this doesn’t always work if you others also to dominate the space.  Instead, what helps is to find an alternative.  With the tip that I have for you, you will gain more room in your jewelry box while safeguarding the necklaces from knotting.

What I’ve been doing to save on jewelry box space is taking clean popsicle or ice cream bar sticks to wrap the chains of those necklaces around before putting them away.  These wooden sticks take up a lot less room than some of the bigger boxes.

I also have been saving empty thread spools (the small size) that can line up uniformly in a separate section of my box.  This is also a good method for the chains, but unless you sew a lot you may need to wait before you have enough. 

Another idea that can save you space is using those plastic-coated playing cards to secure those fine necklaces around.  This way of storage works to arrange the filled cards neatly in different ways in your jewelry box.

Of course, this is only just some suggestions that can keep those fragile chains from tangling while also saving space in a crowded jewelry box.   However, it does solve the problem quite nicely.


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