Are You Confused With All the Types of Hairsprays?

Kenra hairsprays
Understanding each hairspray variety enables you to be happier with your purchase.


Did you ever notice that every time you go shopping for hair and skin care products that besides new brands or offshoots of a particular brand that the products like hairsprays just as quickly can have different functions?  Though you may know the strength of desired hold or how you want that spray dispensed such as aerosol or non-aerosol, you still might be wondering how to determine the right variety of hairspray for your needs.

Finishing sprays usually give the finest mist and firm hold for the entire head.  Many are in aerosol form and now also will help your hair shine.  This type of hairspray isn’t meant to keep spraying misbehaving pieces of hair. Otherwise, the hair will stiffen into a hard mass.  Consider this spray only more for keeping the style intact.  Those with fine hair want to avoid finishing sprays since these are better suited for normal or thick hair texture.

On the other hand, working hairsprays can give you more freedom for styling your hair and can benefit all hair textures.  These are ideal for building in texture with hold, especially if you have layers or waves in your hair that you play with.  The great thing about this type of hairspray is you can brush and comb after initially using it without worrying that your style will suffer.  If you find your hair starts to droop, working sprays allow you to just spray again to touch up without fear of excessive stickiness or becoming a helmet head.

Then again, you may want your hair to have movement instead of merely locking it somewhat in place.  If so, then flexible hairsprays have less hold and are very light when they touch the hair to provide the most natural hold.  This type of hairspray is especially good for those with fine hair because it won’t bog the hair down to make it look flat.

Volumizing hairsprays can help give fine or thin hair a bit of lift, the closer you spray toward the roots. However, normal to thick hair won’t benefit in the same way.

Shine hairsprays differ from ones labeled shine sprays.  Shine hairsprays are also finishing hairsprays but will be the ones to guarantee a maximum shine.  The hold on these can range from medium to a firm hold. Anyone with thick or curly hair would find these helpful for styling, but not if you have fine hair. Instead, shine hairsprays will only make your hair look oily and dirty.

Hopefully, the information I provided will help clarify these hairspray formulas for you.


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