Gelskin Wash and Action Moisturizer Review


Gelskin Wash
The 16-oz. Gelskin Wash is ($39).


Summer is when you want every inch of your body just as soft and smooth as possible since more of it will be exposed.  In that quest, I found two products that deserve your attention for a refreshing clean and silky hydration from California North Skin Care with their Gelskin Wash and Action Moisturizer.

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The Gelskin Wash has botanicals like camomile, rosemary, sage, rose hips, nettle and aloe just to name a few in this gentle formula.  The scent is fresh grapefruit, only not as tart, but lighter, breezier and uplifting, floating to your nostrils when lathering.

It produces plenty of fragrant foam and nourishes the skin at the same time.  Equally appealing, it is dispensed through a pump, which is great to get just what you need without overspilling.

Next, I sampled the Action Moisturizer, which conditions the skin as well as lubricate it with natural ingredients such as geranium, aloe, calendula along with vitamin E and shea butter among others in its formula.

Action Moisturizer.jpeg
The 16 oz. Action Moisturizer is $49.


No stickiness or greasiness is involved when I used this product while lightly perfuming the skin with its delicate citrus scent.  The skin feels somehow firmer and silkier after application.  I really loved this product.

If you want to do your skin some good, I recommend giving both of the Gelskin Wash and Action Moisturizer a try.  They come in two sizes of 8-oz. and 16-oz. and range from $24-$49.  You can find them at California North’s website.


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