How to Stop Losing Socks When Laundering!

How to Stop Losing Socks When Laundering
This post will finally end the battle of missing socks!


I don’t understand the mysterious connection between washing machines, dryers and socks.  Some mysterious phenomenon must be going on because how many times have you put in pairs of socks only to be missing one once it comes out of the dryer.   Have you ever wondered where those socks go after searching every inch of your dryer and washer and other clothes from that load to see if they attached with no avail?   Well, I finally managed to solve that madness to stop losing socks when laundering with what I’ve been doing lately.

I originally tried pinning pairs of socks together with safety pins before washing to stop losing socks when laundering. This is all right most of the time, but I found it can tear socks.  Therefore, I stopped that practice.

Then, I tried using a mesh laundry bag that normally I use for washing delicate pieces next in my attempt to stop losing socks when laundering.  However, instead of taking them out of the bag when it’s time to put them into the dryer, I throw in the entire laundry bag. The socks stay together this way because I am glad to report no more missing socks have occurred at my house since.

If you want to end missing socks once and for all, try using a mesh laundry bag as I suggested.  This laundry tip does finally work to stop losing socks when laundering, readers!


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