How to Give Evening Makeup an Extra Sexy Radiance

How to Give Evening Makeup an Extra Sexy Radiance Metallic Eye Makeup
Everyone needs a palette of metal shades with how these multi-task.



One of my best friends happens to be a makeup artist.  Thanks to her, I have really learned quite a few amazing tricks that improved the way I do my face.  Recently, she volunteered her expertise to help me get ready for an event that was important to me because she wanted my evening makeup to be perfect.

She kept rattling on about how a new client liked what she did for channeling her inner rock star when doing her evening makeup recently.  When I pressed her to give me more details, she refused and continued fluttering around me with her brushes in between dives into her makeup case for one product after another.

Instead of letting me see the progress, my friend positioned my chair out of view of a mirror. All I could see was the foundation, blush, bronzer, mascara, concealer, eyeliner, and palettes of eye shadows sprawled in front of me.

When she finally stopped fussing, she smiled at me with pride before handing me a mirror.  I couldn’t believe how she managed to illuminate my cheekbones with such pearly radiance that together with the jewels she made out of my eyes was remarkable.

Instead of relying on highlighters, she got more star power from combining gold and silver pearly eye shadows over the top of the cheekbones and toward the temple.  The secret to evening makeup I learned was how the warm and cool tones of those metallic eye colors were more ideal for complimenting the face in a softer, dim light.

I suggest that you pull out your own eye shadows and give this technique a try when doing your evening makeup because it is a dazzling effect for when you have something special to attend.



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