Plant Ties to Recycle for Growing Vegetables

tomato+plant+plant ties
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – stux

I hope that your garden is doing better mine.  After all the rain that we’ve been having, the weather has turned those few still surviving into scrawny excuses of plants.  However, I still like to give these pathetic guys all the help they can get to keep them off the ground when tied to their stakes.  Therefore, I like to recycle what I have on hand that could serve this purpose of usable plant ties instead of purchasing.  This is a win-win way for gardening.  I save money and the planet all in one swoop with this simple solution.

I used to cut an old sheet into strips to tie around the plants to keep them secure to their stakes.  This was fine, but I found something that works much better for this task.  Now I save my old pantyhose that I would normally throw away and recycle them for another purpose of stretchy plant ties.

What I like to do is taking a pair of old pantyhose, cut off the panty, then use the legs as a stretchable brace to support them against their stakes.  I tried this in the past and it so much better than using strips of cloth because they aren’t so tight to hamper the circulation of the plants and move as they continue to grow.  That extra stretch from the nylon can easily be adjusted as your plants expand to bear their fruit.

Hopefully, this continual bout of what seems like daily rain will stop and end so my plants have a chance to catch up before the deer behead them as usual.  Speaking of deer, you also may want to try my diy deer repellent as well as how to attract visitors to your garden to help eliminate insects preying on your plants.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share this thrifty gardening tip for plant ties to recycle because it definitely will help your plants thrive!


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