How to Safely Clean Your Fine and Costume Jewelry

How to Safely Clean Your Fine and Costume Jewelry pearls
Real pearls can’t be treated the same way to clean as gemstones.


Sparkling gems flashing a ribbon of colors from within a jewelry box are something we can never get tired of. Yet, in time those precious gemstones, diamonds as well as any gold, silver, pearl or turquoise pieces that you love will eventually lose some of that shine and brilliance.  In order to return their beauty, you want to make sure to clean them properly like with these jewelry cleaning tips that I’m about to share.

Whether the dazzling stone is a diamond, gemstone, gold, silver or even more inexpensive pieces with rhinestone or crystal, all can be immersed in about a cup of warm water that you added a tablespoon of ammonia.  They don’t need to stay in the treated water long just briefly before wiping dry with a soft cloth. Since some jewelry such a rhinestone or a crystal brooch can be set in with a glue instead of held in place with prongs to secure it unlike a more costly, pronged piece, the stones could also loosen.

overflowing jewelry box
Jewelry pieces vary and so do their cleaning methods.

Pearls need a different sort of tender loving care. Forgot about soaking them in any cleaner if you want them to maintain their luster because they are porous and could be damaged.  In fact, the skin’s natural oils benefit pearls and help make them more beautiful the more they’re worn. However, you still need to occasionally wipe them with a soft cloth that has a bit of a mild dish detergent only.

Turquoise and opal jewelry also need a gentle touch when cleaning since they too are porous stones. Just wipe those off with soft cloth and a mild dish detergent is all that you should do to keep them in their best shape.

One last pointer that I have to care for your jewelry is remembering to finish your beauty ritual completely first before fastening or pinning jewelry on if you want to keep them in great condition. Things like hair spray or perfumes can harm their beauty.  Therefore, follow this simple rule–jewelry last!

If you keep these jewelry care tips in mind, your jewelry will look as priceless as you do!



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