Sunburn? Try This DIY Strawberry Sunburn Relief

Sunburn? Try This DIY Strawberry Sunburn Relief
Sunburn hurts. Strawberries are one way to rid you of the sting plus more DIY help!


Sunburn can sneak up on you when you’re having a good time or fall asleep in the sun without proper protection.  Sometimes, you might not even think it is that bad until later when you get home and bathe, only to feel it flame up on your skin. Hopefully, this won’t happen to you this year, but just in case your kitchen can be your own pharmacy because relief can be within your refrigerator.

I shared a few other DIY sunburn soothers before that help ease the pain.  One sunburn fix was with dry powdered milk and some honey that did exceptionally well for cooling, preventing infection and even help accelerate healing that you might want to check.  The second sunburn fix is another wonderful milk-based one due to its fat and proteins that also uses tomato juice.  Remember to keep the water cool just like the milk also helps lower the skin’s hot feeling.

You may wonder why switch from a DIY remedy that helped in favor of another.  The answer is because I had to improvise on what was in the refrigerator and pantry at the time the problem occurred, which you might have to do as well.

This is why I have yet a third DIY strawberry sunburn soother remedy for you today.  Strawberries are on sale a lot now being in season.  You probably have a package in your refrigerator if you’re as fond of those berries as we are.  Anyway, strawberries with their tannic acid and the probiotics in plain yogurt make an awesome combination when your skin is on fire.

All you need to do is to take about six large strawberries (about 1-1/2 cups) to ½ cups of plain yogurt.  I did not use anything fancy like Greek style, just the ordinary plain yogurt that I use for my sauces and salads. Clean and mash the berries first before combining.  Then slather it over the burned areas.  Keep this mixture on about twenty before rinsing off.  By the time you do, you will notice how much better and even lighter the burn seems to get.

Depending on what you have on hand, all three of these sunburn relief DIY remedies are worth trying.  You just need to go with the one that you have the ingredients to prepare it with.



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