Handy Weight Loss Strategies for Bathing Suit Season

Handy Weight Loss Strategies for Bathing Suit Season woman wearing bathing suit Pixabay image
This beauty was ready for the beach and you can be too.


It is finally warming up enough to lose all the heavier clothing in favor of sleeveless summer dresses, shorts and body revealing bathing suits.  If you have tried your bathing suit on for the first time this year, you might smile as you pivot studying your reflection in a full-length mirror.  Then again, you might have put on a few pounds since the last time you either put that skimpy bikini on or shopped for a new one.  Instead of thinking an attractive cover up or a one piece suit is your only solution, then I disagree because there’s still time to get your body back with just a little patience and effort along with the following weight loss strategies.

What I suggest is start measuring each portion of the food before it goes on your plate is one of the best weight loss strategies to take advantage of.  You will be shocked at how much you can eat when you use a measuring cup and a scale to weigh your foods. Believe it or not, estimating portions may have caused you to eat less of the nutritious foods for each meal than the recommended diet portion.  Therefore, it is easy to understand how you might have been filling up with empty calorie snacks to compensate.

For a beverage, water also helps to fill you up.  Besides herbal ice tea, you might also want to try a small glass of almond milk.  A cup of chocolate almond milk has 100 calories and tastes decadent when want something delicious and sweet that can curb your appetite.

Something else that helps distract your mind off of the urge to eat is occupying it with another activity. Have you ever noticed that you are never as hungry when you’re busy immersed in a project or a physical chore than when you’re just relaxing, perhaps, watching television?

One last piece of advice is brushing your teeth and floss within thirty minutes after eating.  I found it helps curb the urge to snack between meals since I don’t like to dirty my mouth and do the whole brushing and flossing again.  It may sound bizarre, but this works ideally after dinner when I would like to snack.

These weight loss strategies helped me and that’s why I’m sharing them with you.  Losing weight is hard and can be an everyday struggle, but is better when you have someone else going through it with you-–like me. So stay positive and keep trying because that bathing suit is waiting for your many admirers to see.  For more helpful advice, you might want to read my earlier post on dieting secrets that can help slim you faster.  You can also check my sidebar under the dieting label for additional suggestions.


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