Benefits of Exfoliation for Anti-Aging

Young Woman That Knows Exfoliation Keeps Her Complexion Younger and From Aging Pixibay Image
Starting exfoliation earlier on, this beauty knows will keep her skin looking younger longer.


If you are a regular reader than you know how strongly I feel about the importance of the benefits of exfoliation to improve a complexion.  After all, it is the only true way to clear out old cells and the last traces of makeup and grime that may still be lingering deep below the skin’s surface that could be dulling its natural luster.  At the same time, it is also the best anti-aging trick that you can do because once those old cells are loosened and begin to lift, the process activates other cells called fibroblasts to action to form collagen and hyaluronic acid to plump the wrinkles and add suppleness.

No doubt, you’re probably aware of what I’m saying.  Yet, what you may not know is the older you get, the longer those cells remain to cloud complexions.  Think of it this way. Young skin has an easier time shedding skin cells at a rate of every 20 days on average.  Now compare that to older skin where this natural process greatly slows down and can take twice or three times as long for them to fall off!

Regardless of age, you don’t want to get overzealous with exfoliation, which you may accidentally do once you start noticing how beautiful your complexion becomes resurfacing.  The pores magically shrink, texture improves, skin brightens, and you’ll wait with bated breath as marks from acne, pimples to a small scar gradually start fading away.

If you use a device like your Clarisonic and find the temptation of using the brush with its rotating heads set on the firmest setting more than once a day, then you’re not helping your skin.  Instead, you could be aggravating developing cells and risk damaging the complexion with your enthusiasm.  To be on the safe side, only use that brush once a day on the lowest setting instead and watch how much better your skin will respond.

You may also want to try a facial peel.  Be careful of too strong or frequent use of such a product or expect raw, red skin and possibly injuring your complexion.  Glycolic acid products or a mix of other alpha hydroxy acids  for at home typically are between 5 percent for the mildest peel to 15 for a more intense treatment.

My favorite happens to be a facial peeling pad. They are convenient and loaded with just what you need for beautifying.  Some companies insist that facial peel pads can be used daily without any harm to your skin.  I, however, do believe this is more beneficial to the company’s profits than overly stressing the skin.  Once or twice a week is all I subject my skin to.

Scrubs and masks also help exfoliate dead skin cells.  However, be careful of the type of granules or the texture so not to rip up the skin.  Check my sidebar for DIY formulas under the homemade skin care recipes label for others like this excellent scrub.

Of all the expensive anti-aging products that you can buy, there is nothing better than can erase years off of your face than exfoliation.  You may not believe as adamantly as I do about the value of exfoliation, but I swear by it and these benefits.  It comes first to help make those costly products actually penetrate deeper into the pores. Otherwise, the product just sits there unable to work its magic for you.

What I’m sharing about the benefits of exfoliation is what I personally do.  I may only be an average looking woman; but trust me, I do have beautiful skin–-and so can you!  Follow my lead and you might not even need to wear primer under your foundation and still have great results by the perfect surface you’ll create.  Honestly, what I am saying is true.



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