How to Extend Your Manicure and Nail Polish Wear

How to Extend Your Manicure and Nail Polish Wear
Simple changes can extend the life of your manicure.



I don’t know how regularly that you paint your nails, but if you want the enamel to last longer than the time that you’re getting, then I may be able to help.  Here is how to extend your manicure and  nail polish wear. Altering your manicuring habits just a bit is all that is involved to make a big difference in achieving that goal.

Don’t remove old nail polish and decide to do it later because your hands could pick up oils during that delay when you return to do that complete manicure, regardless how little time may have passed.  Fresh polish adheres best to a completely dry nail surface.

Therefore, if the phone rings or something else comes in between you and finishing your manicure, just grab another cotton ball with nail polish remover and swipe your nails again first. Then proceed with your polish if you intend to extend  your manicure and polish wear.

What else that helps extend your manicure’s life is keeping nails on the shorter side, which is classic. Overly long ones seem to chip and break more.

After you apply a top coat, you might think that you’re finished.  Instead, try adding a fresh top coat daily to nails.  This really intensifies the shine while further protecting.

Keeping your hands in water is not the best thing to do when wearing nail polish. Wearing gloves when you wash dishes manually can help prolong a manicure, but just as important is avoiding leisurely baths in favor of shorter showers.

These simple adaptations to your manicure routine can be all it takes to give you a day or two more for your need to redo those nails.  You also may want to read my other post on how to prolong your vacation manicure.



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