A Laundering Shortcut for Hand-Washed Delicates

A Laundering Shortcut for Hand-Washed Delicates Colander to Use
A new colander can come in handy.


A delicate piece of clothing or lingerie that needs hand-washed can be inconvenient if you have limited space or wash something like stockings or a bra and hang in your bathroom.  The freshly washed piece can drip, cause a mess or cause problems if you share the space with someone.  However, there is a simple solution to avoid any mess or inconvenience to any family member or roommate that I want to share with you with this laundering shortcut for hand-washed delicates.

What I like to do is use a colander (not the one for cooking, but a new one) just for this purpose of laundering my delicate pieces.  You can do one or two pieces, then rinse them in the colander. Using a new colander makes it quicker for the pieces to drain before taking them to their new location to dry.

Try buying a colander for laundering your delicate items, too!  You’ll save yourself so much time and trouble.


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