A Summer Hair Tip to Guard a Pulled Back Style or Updo From Flyaway Strands

updo hairstyle.jpeg
This hair tip can give you more control.

Here’s a trick that can help save you a lot of trouble when you plan to style your hair in a tight, pulled back ponytail or higher on the head in an updo like a bun.  My hair used to be a lot longer than it is now. Occasionally, I would wear it in a ponytail or an updo, but I always hated how those few hairs would like to escape. Therefore, I want to show a quick way to keep those escapees from annoying you and spoiling your look.

Usually when I would style my hair in an updo, after I did the crown area,  I always sectioned and sprayed the individual sections of ponytails first before finishing and pinning.  Some people don’t bother with the hair spray, but I found it gave me more control.

However, the hair spray on those sections didn’t stop that tiny bit of a few wispy hairs that would like to escape until my neighbor suggested something that her teenager taught her.  What you do is to take a clean toothbrush and spray with some hair spray. This targets the  fine, frizzy hairs and pulls them away like a magnet.

The next time that you’re going to wear your hair up, I hope you give it a try.


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