How to Volumize Thin Lips Without Using a Plumping Product

business woman with thin lips.jpeg
This beauty listens intently.


As we age, we lose lip volume. If you are starting to notice that your lips are less plush than they used to be, lip plumping products are one way.  Yet, you might not care for the stinging effect due to the slight swelling they may cause.  Let me show you a simple beauty fix on how to volumize thin lips without resorting to a lip plumping product.

Changing your technique when applying lip color is another way that you can build up lip plumpness to volumize thin lips.  You might want to start by lightening up from an extremely dark lipstick shade to a medium range shade.  This slightly lighter color won’t make the lips appear so narrow.

lipstick line.jpeg
Play with a range of lipstick colors.

After you apply the lipstick, then you want to take a tissue and carefully wipe some of it  from the middle of your top lip, just below the cupid’s bow.  To make up for removing some of that color, you need to pull out your lipstick stash again and replace what is missing with a pale color lipstick.  You’ll notice the subtle difference of how the center of your lips seemed to gain plumpness through switching out color in that area once you rub your lips together!

I also shared another makeup tip for making small lips bigger that uses foundation, concealer and white pencil that you might want to try as well.



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