Are You Unknowingly Your Skin’s Worst Enemy?

 woman's face with pretty skin
This beauty is surprised at what she may have overlooked for perfect skin.


You try to eat a healthy, balanced diet, get enough sleep and never slack when it comes to proper skin care and maintenance of your complexion.  Then why does your skin occasionally still break out you may wonder when there are no health issues such as out of balance hormones to blame? You can’t understand what is wrong.  Therefore, what are those skin care mistakes that you must be making?

You take great effort to throughly cleanse your face and moisturize with quality products.  Even so, think about your hands and all that you touch during an average day like your phone, keyboards, makeup brushes, handbags, keys, money, towels, etc., which all are breeding grounds for bacteria.  Despite washing your hands often, you can’t always remember keeping them from finding your face.  How often do you innocently scratch an itch, rub your eyes or push some hair off your forehead, tap a finger to your cheek in thought or nervous frustration? This list can go on, but my point is there are times you can be sabotaging your complexion without your knowledge.  With every touch, you could be committing skin care mistakes by transfering  bacteria to your skin.

If this is one of your skin care mistakes, then try washing your hands more often while making a conscious effort to control that urge. Another way to safeguard your face is by wiping down your keyboard, keys and phone with sanitizer. This also helps cut down more bacteria for those unexpected times that you might slip and touch your face again.

Change your face towel often, preferably daily  since bacteria multiples into the millions within the span of only a week.  If you hate to do all that washing, then I suggest a clean face wash cloth to substitute as your face towel to dry.  You’ll have less laundry than a face towel and they stack better in your linen closet.

Sometimes, life can get chaotic that you can forget how important cleaning makeup brushes, sponges and sponge applicators are in regard to your skin, which also are big skin care mistakes.  Instead, try to wash your tools every week.  Pick a day on your calender and stick to it.

Being too overly clean washing your face is just as bad as not washing it enough.  You could be overstimulating the skin to produce more oil, causing those break outs.

Just as detrimental is how you scrub your face when you cleanse.  Using too much pressure can stretch the skin and lead to wrinkles over time.  Another mistake is exfoliating with a scrub or peel with too harsh a product or too often. Also skin care mistakes involve overworking the skin and abusing it with excess exfoliation so keep this in mind.  Skin needs time to rebuild once dead cells are removed.

Eyes creams are something you should take seriously with how delicate this skin is. Without them, you can be prone to earlier under eye creasing.  Still, you can run into problems with thick eye creams that can block sebaceous glands in this area. A somewhat thinner consistency over a heavier ointment like cream is less likely to cause skin problems.  Look for a multitasking product that can help you stay on top of your beauty. A good one should hydrate, protect with SPF and brighten under eye darkness in one formula.

There are other factors that can play a part in the condition of your complexion.  There is stress, smoking and excess sugar that all could be contributing to what is going on with your skin.  However, this is a start to just some possibilities of why your skin could be suffering and how to go about reversing it from all your former skin care mistakes!



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