California North Appellation Grapeseed Muscle Soak Review


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This does ease pain and help a sore body to relax. 


Regardless of how you try to pace yourself whether exercising, playing sports too hard to overworking the body with some home improvements or heavy cleaning often can result in sore muscles.  Before you pop pain relievers, grab the pain relieving rubs or that heating pad, you might want to try pain-relieving the natural way with California North’s Appellation Grapeseed Muscle Soak that I tested the other day after doing more than I should when trying to finish moving some boxes that I wanted to clear out in my garage.

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This Appellation Grapeseed Muscle Soak has arnica, clove, ginger, grape seed, eucalyptus and willow bark that has a plant-based chemical makeup much like aspirin for relieving pain along with other soothing ingredients to help.

How I handled it was running a warm bath and adding about four capfuls to the water before I climbed in. Then I parked myself in that treated bath for about thirty minutes, allowing its spicy vapors and comforting ingredients to do its work.

By the time I emerged, I still hurt but not nearly as much.  I really liked how this formula managed to accomplish that, but I would have liked it even more if sold in giant size!

For those times when you need some extra relief, I suggest visiting California North and trying their Appellation Grapeseed Muscle Soak ($19). However, if you’re on blood thinners like coumadin (warfarin) or allergic to aspirin, I would check with my doctor first.


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