California North Self Tanner and Gelskin Scrub Review

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This 16-oz. size retails for $49.


When I was a teenager, I used to like to sunbathe and work on my tan.  Later, I learned the dangers about risking your health to melanoma and premature aging of the skin.  Afterwards, I took precautions to avoid possible skin cancer and preventing deep wrinkles and those white spots some people get from spending too much time in the sun.  A healthier solution was switching to a self-tanner.

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For the most part, I don’t regularly go in for self-tanners. The reason is my coloring is fair with yellow undertones. Some self-tanners left me with more of an unnatural orange color than an authentic tan shade. I had tried others that produced a better tan, but were much too much trouble.  Still others I experimented with were hard to use to get an even tan.

California North included their Self Tanner and Gelskin Scrub in a box of products that they mailed me to test. To tell the truth, I really was hesitant about testing them because this type of product never impressed all that much for me to continue buying.

After letting those products sit in the box for several weeks, I finally thought what the heck.  I will see what the California North Self Tanner natural sugar-based formula and Gelskin Scrub was like.

According to their advertising, there is no carotene that might cause staining and streaking in their Self Tanner, which I took as a promising sign.  It also has allantoin, aloe, nettle, vitamins A and E, sesame, safflower, rosemary, and sage.

gelskin scrub
This 8-oz. scrub retails for $24.

The Gelskin Scrub is meant for exfoliating any rough skin like any on elbows, knees and feet using walnut shells, allantoin, aloe, cucumber, jojoba, nettle, rosemary, and sage to also nourish skin in the process.

Though you can use it on your face and body, I choose just to start with my arms and legs to see how those parts would fare.  After I bathed, I followed up with a little bit of the Gelskin Scrub to my elbows.  This wasn’t too abrasive as I rubbed in circular motion, but smoothed the area nicely after washing it off and throughly drying my skin.

Being equipped with a pump dispenser, the Self Tanner was easy to use.  After I pumped out enough of this lightly scented lotion, I rubbed it on both sides of my arms, starting there first.   Soon this white lotion disappeared in the skin, leaving it moisturized but not greasy.  Since it was the first day, the directions said to do another application in about three or four hours, which is what I did later.

modeling self tanner
This is my arm after the first day.  Notice the white hand that I left alone.


I was surprised at the results I got after just the first day.  My pale skin did pick up more of a natural light gold tone that wasn’t splotchy.  I didn’t even need to bother with using a mitt just my hand without staining it.

I will gradually be deepening the color, but I don’t like being overly dark.  Therefore, I won’t apply every day, but maybe several times a week until tanning somewhat darker.

If you have been disappointed by some self-tanning products, check out California North Self Tanner and see how it works for you.



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