Fuego Box August 2017 Review

Fuego Box August 2017
Hot sauce can perk up flavor and help the body burn more calories.


A taste that I never get tired of is hot and spicy. If you also share my passion, then you need to subscribe to Fuego Box, the artisan hot sauce subscription.  You will experience flavors that will please you beyond belief.

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The cost of Fuego Box is $29.95 per quarter with free shipping.  You also receive an informational card relating to the sauces and how to best enjoy each.

For example, my latest Fuego Box August 2017 just arrived with a new trio of deliciousness starting with Da Kine Hawaiian Hot Mustard Sauce.  This is a sweeter combo of mustard and hot sauce in a cayenne pepper blend with pineapple juice that was awesome on my hamburger yesterday. It’s not overly hot and the tropical sweetness gives it a nice edge, especially for meats, sandwiches, eggs, etc.

August also brought Isabel Street Heat’s Cilantro Lime Serrano.  This hot sauce is fermented for a few months and has cilantro and lime juice to the peppers to maximize flavor.  It’s a milder, but lively burn that was wonderful on my scrambled eggs.

Hotter Than El’s 24 Karat Gold is golden fire in a bottle from its mix of habanero peppers, carrots and garlic. This sauce is delicious for dips, nachos and firing up my chili.

If you haven’t tried this hot sauce subscription yet, but love the taste of hot and spicy, I suggest a visit to Fuego Box is in order!


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